Note Challenge One

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Many thanks to Laura Weed for providing the background music. noteChallenge

Playing the game

Click Start button to play. Note(s) will appear at the right of the staff on a line or space and move to the left.

You must click the button at the bottom of screen that matches the line or space the note is moving on before it reaches the clef sign.

There are 6 levels to the game. The first, 3rd & 5th are treble clef the 2nd, 4th & 6th are bass clef. Notes move faster for each subsequent level. Three speeds for the treble clef and three speeds for bass clef. If you get the name wrong It subtracts from your score.

Saving Scores

You must be logged in to save your score. When you do It saves the number correct, wrong and percentage As well as your game score.

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Teacher's Mark Book


This new feature allows teachers to create classes and add students to each class by entering the students user name with the class. You can then view all the top scores of all the games played by individual student in the class as well as all the students scores in the class of a particular game. This will make it easy for teachers to track student progress.

Students must be registered and have been verified by responding to the registration confirmation email sent when registering. All user names and emails must be unique.

I have tried to make this as anonymous as possible by only gathering emails and user names from the users.

Selecting a class shows all the students (User Names) attached to class. You can then select an individual student and view all the top scores of all the games the student has played. Selecting a game from the game list will then display the scores for each student in class.


1. Teachers and students must be registered and verified by responding to the confirmation email sent to you when registering. Check your "Junk Mail" if you did not recieve the confirmation email.

2. Click the Profile button

3. On the Profile page check the Yes I am a Teacher check box. - this will add the Teacher's Mark Book link button to your profile page.

4. Go back to the Profile page and click the Teacher's Mark Book button that has now appeared.

5. Create a Class - click the Add Class button and enter a unique class name and then submit new class. Then click the close button which refreshes the page.

6. Adding Students to a Class. - First select the class name from the list then click the Add Students to Class button. You can add multiple user names each followed by a semi-colon.( eg. john;mary;yourUsername). User name must be unique so ask your students for their user name that they registered with. Then click the submit button. You may also remove a student from the class by selecting a student the clicking the remove student from class button.

If the submit action fails double check your user names to make sure they are registered and spelled correctly.

7. Once the class user name have been entered you will have quick access to your students game scores sorted by student or by game.