Intervals Two

maj2 maj3 p4 p5 maj6 maj7 p8 min2 min3 min6 min7 aug4

Playing the game

You have two minutes to name as many intervals as you can.

Click Start button to play. You will hear two notes separately, one after the other.

Click the circle with the interval you hear.

After making your choice the next interval will automatically play.

This level drills the following intervals:

minor 2nd - m2
Major 2nd - M2
minor 3rd - m3
Major 3rd - M3
Perfect 4th - P4
Augmented 4th - A4
Perfect 5th - P5
minor 6th - m6
Major 6th - M6
minor 7th - m7
Major 7th - M7
Perfect Octave - P8

All intervals are UP in direction and start on Middle C.

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